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STEMPOINT Grant scheme

We offer funding of up to £500 to fuel your vision. Our commitment extends to embracing diverse projects rooted in the East of England, provided they contribute to the advancement of STEM-related activities.

It is with this commitment for STEM enthusiasm that we proudly offer the STEMPOINT Grant scheme for the third consecutive year.

Over the past 2 years, we have collaborated with more than 20 educational institutions across the East of England, supporting them in the development of innovative STEM projects, creating inspiring garden spaces, and the exhilarating staging of robot competitions. These efforts have collectively impacted over 5,000 young minds, who have embraced the wonders of STEM.

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Successful Schools of 2023

STEMPOINT are delighted to announce the successful schools who have benefited from our 2022-2023 funding grant.



Our Green Wonders

Carbon Monoxide Released Indicates Massive Fossil Fuel Burning.

Collaborating with local partners to implement community-owned clean drinking water projects in remote communities.

Burning stubble & farm residue contributes significantly to wildfires.

Collaborating with local partners to implement community-owned clean drinking water projects in remote communities.

How Harmful are Volatile Organic Compounds for Us?

Collaborating with local partners to implement community-owned clean drinking water projects in remote communities.

Meet our Helping Hands

They do not behave like waves, they do not behave like particles, they do not behave like clouds....

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Crystal Logan
Project Management Specialist
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Esther Howard
Frontend Developer
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Ted Horton
Gaming Director
Team Member
Esther Howard
Frontend Developer

Apply for a STEMPOINT Grant

Registrations for 2024 are now closed – please keep an eye on our socials for new dates.

As an educational charity we understand the challenges faced by educational institutions, from schools and colleges to youth groups, in igniting the flames of curiosity and passion for STEM subjects among their students.  We know that schools, colleges and youth groups sometimes need a bit of financial help to get pupils inspired about STEM.

That’s why we’ve introduced our small grant scheme to help projects and initiatives get off the ground or for them to continue successfully.  We will consider any project based in the East of England (Beds, Cambs, Essex, Herts, Norfolk & Suffolk) that helps finance STEM-related activities.

This could be materials/resources, kits for a STEM Club, CREST or other STEM awards for young people aged 5 - 18.   

In addition, your project should access STEM Ambassadors. If you’re a teacher, Career Lead, support staff or run a Youth Group (such as Brownies, Cubs, Guides or Scouts) and you’d like a financial boost to buy STEM equipment or pay for Awards, then you can apply for up to £500 in funding from us (see Terms & Conditions).


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What you can get

Whether it involves acquiring materials, assembling kits for a thriving STEM Club, pursuing CREST accreditation, or other STEM accolades tailored for young individuals aged 5 to 18, your project will be considered for funding.  You will have the opportunity to secure a financial catalyst of up to £500, empowering you to procure essential STEM equipment or embark on the creation of your very own stimulating STEM project.

You’ll need to give us estimated costs of your project, details of any other funding you receive (if any) and provide feedback and evaluation of the project, including pictures.

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STEM Inspiring Careers

We look forward to witnessing the transformative impact your STEM initiatives will undoubtedly have on the aspiring minds of tomorrow, as we join forces to make STEM education an accessible reality for all. 

Key dates announced soon

The next round of applications is currently under review for the 2024 period. Keep a watch for forthcoming details and updates.


Seventeen pupils (from Year 3 to Year 6) from Great Yarmouth Primary Academy took on scientific challenges to obtain the CREST Superstar Award.

They completed eight 1-hour challenges in their after-school STEM Club with resources that were funded with a grant from STEMPOINT. These scientific activities included “A hole in my bucket”, “Bridge Blunder”, “Buy Them Try Them”, “Crafty Rafts”, “Fantastic Fingerprints”, “Investigating Inks”, “Racing Rockets” and “Super Spinners”.


Great Yarmouth Superstars
Primary Pupils Have Crest Award Success

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